Hino Light and Medium Duty Trucks

Available in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida & Delaware

Hino Trucks Hino Trucks

The Hino Medium Duty Truck Lineup


Hino Light and Medium Duty Trucks are the fastest growing brand in America. From Cab-Over and Hybrid Light Duty to Class 7 Medium Duty applications Hino delivers. The new Class 5 Hino COE models were designed from the ground up for the North American market. Not only do they deliver the goods for urban transportation, the 195 is available as a Hybrid too.

M Series Trucks

  • M4
    14,500 GVW
  • M5
    19,500 GVW

L Series Trucks

  • L6
    23,000 - 29,500 GVW
  • L7
    33,000 GVW

XL Series Trucks

  • XL7
    33,000 GVW
  • XL8
    34,200 - 66,000 GVW

In addition to the conventional and cab-over designs, Hino Trucks come with a plethora of additional benefits including a 5-year engine warranty, emissions warranty, Hino Insight Remote Diagnostics, HinoCare, and the Allison Transmission Warranty. These benefits provide business owner’s the Ultimate Ownership Experience.


Hino Care

Regardless of whether your business is a one truck operation, or you are maintaining an entire fleet of vehicles, controlling vehicle maintenance costs is a challenge. HinoCare helps meet this challenge by locking in the cost of maintenance so you can rest easy knowing your trucks are current with all preventative service at today’s parts and service rates. This makes it easier for business owners to plan for the operational costs of maintaining a fleet of trucks. We have options to allow for financing of this ongoing maintenance in order to add it on to your monthly bill instead of through unexpected and unpredictable costs. This ongoing maintenance maximizes the resale value of your truck.

Hino Insight

Hino Insights

Hino Insights Telematics is provided by Verizon Connect. Hino Insights allows a business owner to monitor idle times, heavy braking, speed, location, distance traveled, and more. Insight Remote Diagnostics will alert you, your dealer, and Hino when any Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) arise. This helps to speed up determine the severity and urgency of any needed maintenance. Insight Case Management helps to streamline appointments and service progress update